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4 Amazing Benefits of Installing Alkaline Water Filters

4 Amazing Benefits of Installing Alkaline Water Filters

One of the most common contaminants found in tap water is heavy metals. Arsenic, lead, mercury, and dioxins are just a few of the contaminants found in our water supplies. Even though certain heavy metals are present at low levels, it is unclear whether drinking water containing these minerals has an effect on some people. Lead, for example, is known to be extremely toxic and has been related to a variety of health problems in humans. According a study conducted in 2011, it was found that there is a link between postal lead toxicity and the development of autism. According to several other research studies, lead exposure is linked to prostate problems in men as well as reproductive concerns in both men and women.

So, what’s the solution to these uncertain problems?  Install an alkaline water purifier in your Canberra home! Why? Let us explain the endless benefits it provides!

Improves the level of hydration in your body

Drinking water can be improved with the use of alkaline water filters. These specialised filtration devices are capable of more than merely removing pollutants. Water can be refined to a point where it gives significantly more hydration than drinking regular tap water, depending on the quality of the filter used.

According to a study conducted in 2010, consuming mineral-based alkaline water improved hydration levels in a group of people who drank it for two weeks more than a group who drank non-mineralised “placebo” water. Alkaline filters can significantly increase the pH levels of tap water in addition to increasing its mineral content.

Improves your overall digestion process

Digestion can be aided by water with a higher mineral content. Alkaline water filters found across the Ainslie region, as previously stated, are the best and effectively promote optimum hydration, making it easier for the body to transport minerals and nutrients to various sections of the body. Getting adequate nutrients can help people feel better and easily digest soluble fibers, which will make the digestion process easier.


Reduces the symptoms of acid reflux

Although not all ordinary water filters have this benefit, alkaline water filters have been found to reduce acid reflux and heartburn. Alkaline filtration systems balance out the pH levels of drinking water and help to neutralise acid build-up in the esophagus, which causes an unpleasant burning feeling.

According to research carried out in 2012, alkaline water can buffer acids, and water with an average pH of 8.8 is more successful at inactivating human pepsin than water with a lower pH. This varies depending on the locality, but it tends to stay in the range of 6.0 to 7.0.

Improves the health of your skin

Drinking plenty of water is the most effective and least expensive strategy to keep your skin clear and healthy. Filtered water from an alkaline water purifier has a number of health benefits and is superior than your ordinary tap water in a variety of aspects, including skincare. Water with higher mineral content has a direct effect on skin hydration by eliminating pollutants from the body. Drinking water free of chlorine, which is known to reduce the natural oils in the hair and skin, will help you achieve healthier skin.

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